Announcing the New “Jacob’s Courage,” Republished by Texas Tech University Press

Jacob recalled the words that were on the gate above the entrance to this ignominious death camp. The wrought-iron letters spelled out “Arbeit Macht Frei,” which means “Work Makes You Free.” How ironic, thought Jacob. The “freedom” promised to them was their own death. How can anyone do these things? Just the thought of touching a corpse was sickening to Jacob. How can these men carry them around and dump them in piles? These are human beings! Some of them could have been their own family! How can they put them into the fire? Then, a terrible thought passed through Jacob’s mind. It was the most painful thought that he had ever had. What if I have to burn the bodies of Rachael or my parents? His mind was now spinning out of control. Trembling, he was overcome by a wave of nausea.