Book Marketing 101

Learn how to promote your book with public speaking, media appearances, bookstore signings and interviews. Use compelling and persuasive reviews to generate sales. Cerate published articles that will deliver readers to your landing page. Generate interest and manage your fan base with blogs, social networking and e-mail marketing.

Use newspaper and magazine articles to generate interest, along with e-mail and fax blasts. Take advantage of important
book fairs, conferences and conventions. Generate a Facebook fan page and use targeted Facebook ads. Connect with readers via LinkedIn and discuss your book in the many varied LinkedIn groups and discussion threads.

Learn how to create a winning web site landing page, with successful tags and key words. Select a web site landing page that offers excellent analytics. Connect it to the world with links to global retailers and instant connection to your video

Create an impressive synopsis web site that will generate interest. Use click-through technology for Internet retailers and brick & mortar bookstores.

This book has everything you’ll need to generate interest with effective marketing techniques. Create and manage your fan base and deliver continual sales increases. Promote your author platform with viral marketing.

Click on your choice of retailer: Book Marketing 101 is available for $1.99 at Amazon and at Smashwords.

9 thoughts on “Book Marketing 101

    1. Very, very few of us will find publishers with open arms for an unknown author. Sadly, the sales numbers prove them right. The average self-published book sells just a few dozen copies, yet costs the author a few thousand dollars (editor, graphic designer, printing, binding, warehousing, distribution, markeitng and sales). You don’t need to be a math whiz to see that the venture will lose a substantial sum. The average trade-published book costs the author nothing, but still only sells a few hundred copies (these figures are about 3-4 years old). Ask yourself why a publisher should shell out a few thousand dollars for your book. I was very lucky to have it happen, although with my first book, I could sell almost as many copies as I desired.

      We are therefore left to be a jack of all trades. We must interview and hire the right editor and graphic designer, purchase our own ISBN and obtain global distribution contracts, develop our own marketing materials and find a way to get ourselves on TV, radio and Internet media to sell the book. We must create our own book landing page (and learn how to use the analytics), create a Facebook fan page, find and pay for a good video book trailer (typically $500-$1,500) and manage all aspects of warehousing, marketing and sales. It took three years for me just to learn what this is all about!

      If you need help with marketing, check out my inexpensive e-book ($1.99) called, “Book Marketing 101, which offers step by step directions for how to effectively promote your book (Smashwords –, Amazon Good luck!

  1. Chuck, you’ve done a great service by sharing and providing what you have learned for all of us to profit by. It’s wonderful and I cannot thank you enough for the help it has been.

  2. Hey Charles,

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