Book Marketing 101

Learn how to promote your book with public speaking, media appearances, bookstore signings and interviews. Use compelling and persuasive reviews to generate sales. Cerate published articles that will deliver readers to your landing page. Generate interest and manage your fan base with blogs, social networking and e-mail marketing. Use newspaper and magazine articles to generate … Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know to Create a Bestselling Book by Ryan Holiday

“… almost all the information out there about book marketing is either misleading, ineffective, wrong, or worse, counterproductive. It’s a tough gig and this lack of accurate information forces people to take wild guesses at what works. But we’ve got a lot on the line with our points–our life’s work in some cases–and we want them to succeed. Continue reading

Author Interview: Frank Fiore

CW: Tell us about yourself. FF: Well, to start with, I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I’ve done so many things in so many different areas. Mostly, I’ve been an entrepreneur but I always wanted to be a writer. I started writing guest columns for local newspapers then went … Continue reading

Fraud Artists: Scamming Authors

We read every day about one company or another scamming novice authors, stealing their hard-earned money for a vague promise and delivering nothing in return except misery. Often the new author who pays the most to an alleged “publisher’ can least afford to lose that money. Yet, every day, hundreds, if not thousands of novice … Continue reading

Proposal Power: What Publishers Desire in a Proposal

“As resume writing is a path to a successful career, the publishing proposal is a gateway for being published, especially for fiction. Publishing proposal writing is a science and an art form. It must contain, at a minimum, one section each on: the author, a concise synopsis, a market analysis, a competitive analysis, promotional and marketing concepts, a chapter outline; and sample chapters. Explain how you are creating an author platform that will be increasingly valuable to that particular small publisher. If the publisher has some interest in your book, they will be more willing to finance its publication. And if the publisher believes that more of those high quality books in the same genre are on the way, they will be more likely to donate several thousand dollars to print your first book.” Continue reading

Should I Hire a Publicist?

When we are trade-published, our publisher will handle most of the difficult, expensive and time-consuming tasks, including editing, printing, graphic design, distribution, marketing, promotion and stocking retailers. Yes, the trade-published author must still engage in public speaking, book tours, signings and many other events related to selling the book. However, publishers thankfully know what they’re … Continue reading